Case Study

Nathan’s Residence

Our Boss previously met with the clients, went over with them what they had wanted and from there came up with a design that best suited what they were envisioning. Here, Albert (our boss) is going over the layout of the plan with Richard, the plan consists of natural stone steps that are going to be built up alongside armour stone that will comfortably lead you to the interlocked driveway. Upon completion of the driveway we began adding the finishing touches.We added a flower bed that helped balance the landscape because the driveway was visually heavy on the right side of the house so we balanced out with a larger flower bed on the opposite side. We tied the stone in from the driveway and the steps by placing armour stone in the bed as well. The shape of the bed allows for easier lawn cutting as now you do not have to cut right up against the stones of the steps.This is the completed project, plants and all!The home owner had installed an in ground pool in his backyard and had wanted us to build the patio around the pool using interlocking stone. We agreed to do it and here is one photo of the finished product.